Our technology delivers...

extraordinary degree of precision!

SMI Court Reporting uses the best technology to provide the highest level of professional litigation support in the Hudson Valley.


Top-Notch Quality and Accuracy
SMI demands the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and attention to detail of its reporters and staff. Our Court Reporters provide the highest quality records of depositions and hearings. All transcripts may be expedited to meet any deadline including rough asci versions available the same day. We continue to focus on customer service and the personal attention top law firms have come to expect! We are always willing to put the extra effort into our scheduling to ensure all our client’s needs are met.


Accommodating and Spacious
Three new on-site deposition suites designed with the corporate professional in mind. Our deposition suites can accommodate 18 comfortably. There is room for documents, tabletop power for your laptop, and high speed wireless internet. As a complimentary convenience we have a large parking lot, beverages, snacks and access to catering services. Our staff is always available to help you in any way to make your event run smoothly.


Cost-Effective Solutions
SMI Court Reporting offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive, stressful travel for depositions with its strategically located, state-of-the-art videoconference rooms in the Hudson Valley. Our fully-staffed rooms offer high-quality video equipment, making it easy for you to conduct “in-person” depositions or other meetings with participants throughout the world, all without ever leaving town.


Capture Demeanor Beyond The Printed Page
Making a video record of a deposition allows the jury or others involved in the case to see the demeanor of a witness in a way that cannot be conveyed on the printed page. A compelling visual argument is the reason so many firms require video for every deposition ordered. SMI’s in-house certified legal video team will capture the record and synchronize any transcript to video footage including exhibits for side by side viewing.


Archive and Reduce Storage Space
SMI Court Reporting as the ability to scan all exhibits in black and white or color giving you a complete electronic archive of your proceedings. An electronic version of your exhibits allows you to print copies of exhibits, email exhibits to colleagues and clients, maintain a complete electronic record, import into litigation software and reduce storage space.


Instant Transcript Access
RealTime is instant translation of shorthand into English. Take advantage of immediately available testimony for instant read back or follow-up on cross-exam. 

Leave the deposition with a draft of the testimony. Your computer is hooked up to the reporter’s computer and a program instantly performs the translation. You can walk away from the proceedings with a draft of the transcript.